Ask the Sexpert

Vaishali Sinha

Humorous portrait of 93-year-old physician Mahinder Watsa: the man behind the highly popular  column ‘Ask the Sexpert’ in the Indian newspaper Mumbai Mirror. Watsa openly discusses sexuality and the do’s and don’ts of sex, a topic which is surrounded by taboos in India.

Despite economic progress and the ensuing cultural changes, there is still little freedom to openly talk about sexuality in modern-day India. Sexual education is altogether lacking at many schools.  Progressive physician Mahinder Watsa has been dealing with the topic for decades: as a gynaecologist he was astonished at the complete lack of knowledge about sexual health among his clients. He therefore decided to use his knowledge and experience to raise the debate about sexuality to a higher level.

With a fair dose of humour yet without being judgmental, he answers daily questions from readers about their sex life. The column is extremely popular, but not everyone is as pleased with the elderly sexologist. A moralistic, conservative female activist, frightened by the mere sight of anatomic pictures representing the genital organs, advocates sexual abstinence until marriage. She files a complaint against the newspaper for obscenity, but fortunately the writing doctor does not shy away from opposition that easily.

Ask the Sexpert has been selected for the Students' Choice competition, is part of the Second Sex theme programme and will be shown on the DECODED | Sex Matters night co-hosted by CJP.


Vaishali Sinha
Country of production
United States
83 minutes
Spoken language
English, Hindi
Production company
Coast to Coast Films
World Sales
Ro*co Films International