Die middag

Nafiss Nia

Roya, a refugee from Iran in the Netherlands, is on the verge of being sent back to her country. In desperation she turns to a woman she heard helps refugees. But her door is closed. Behind it a man, with his own desperation to deal with. A poetic meditation about being a refugee in the Netherlands, and about hope carrying you on your flight. 
Roya is a rejected asylum-seeker from Iran. To avoid being sent back to a life-threatening future in Iran, she turns to Nassim, a woman she heard helps refugees. But at Nassim’s address, the door is closed. Behind it is a man, also from Iran, who claims to be Nassim’s brother. The door stays closed. But a conversation begins... 
‘I’m locked up,’ the man tells Roya. Slowly, Roya finds out what he means, just as he starts to learn more about her. What begins as a conversation about the beauty and difficulties of the Dutch language, turns into a poetic verbal game of attracting and pushing away. They talk about dreams, about freedom, and about memories too painful to deal with. Can they be each other’s last hope? 


Nafiss Nia
Gijs Kerbosch
Country of production
Netherlands, The
75 minutes
Spoken language
Dutch, English, Persian
Dutch distributor