Pamela Yates

Latin America is booming business. Yet millions of women there live in appalling poverty. A militant economist joins forces with influential female community members. Together they set up an innovative programme to put an end to economic inequalities.

In the remote interior parts of Peru, Colombia and Brazil millions of women live in poverty. Many of them cannot read or write and have to do household tasks or work on the fields. Their meager income quickly becomes exhausted, if their money is not taken from them by their husbands. Under the inspiring leadership of visionary Yves Moury a group of economists attempts to develop creative solutions to help these women escape the vicious circle. One of his protégées is Colombian Any Benitez: she set up the Women Savers project, which teaches women how to put money aside and make them familiar with bank accounts and automated tellers. It also includes social subsidy schemes, like La Bolsa Familia in Brazil, which provides a monthly allowance to more than 11 million families that send their children to school and have them vaccinated. The film follows various women from the three countries and shows how the projects help achieve a revolution, for themselves and for their communities. Thus, they gradually become the pioneers of social change. Disruption was part of the Good Pitch New York in 2013.


Pamela Yates
Paco de Onís
Country of production
United States
84 minutes
Spoken language
English, Portuguese, Quechua, Spanish
Production company
Skylight Pictures