Industry: Take on Film & Impact – Panels

How can films on social issues do more than just raise awareness? Are you a filmmaker looking for the formula to take your film to the next level? Join this morning session on creating impact campaigns that drive social change and get inspired! 

The panels will feature: 

  • Vivian Schröder on Not Just Celsius 
  • Anna Gudkova & Liza Surganova on the Alternativa Film Project
  • FilmAid’s Work and Community-Based Filmmaking, with Gita Saedi Kiely (FilmAid
  • A VR Case Study: How to create impact with the work we do, with Corine Meijers (Studio Biarritz) 
  • Imagining Community Distribution, with Zeena Starbruck, Stephano Mendelek, Gugi Gumilang (DISCO, In-Docs, Aflamuna
  • Power dynamics and international co-productions, with Marion Schmidt (DAE), Don Edkins, Zippy Kimundu, Jennifer Huang

About Not Just Celsius

Not Just Celsius is a campaign amplifying the important voices of 2 youth led NGOs and their cause to take climate change and human rights to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to clarify the obligations of states to protect the rights of current and future generations from the adverse effects of climate change by demanding a progressive advisory opinion.

About Alternativa Film Project

Alternativa Film Project is an international non-profit initiative to support and promote independent filmmakers from developing industries. Within this presentation Anna Gudkova and Liza Surganova will share the cases from their experience of supporting the talents with impactful and meaningful projects at various stages of their professional journey.   

Panelists: Liza Surganova, Anna Gudkova

About Imagining Community Distribution
DISCO members Gugi Gumilang (In-Docs) and Stephano Mendelek (AFLAMUNA) will be presenting on DISCO’s work around community and alternative distribution. In the midst of this corporate, economic, political polycrisis, comes an opportunity to collectively imagine a decentralised, decolonised system for the funding and distribution of independent film. The DISCO network members have been piloting community and alternative distribution mechanisms, developing models to put public interest media in the public commons while urging rapid and significant investment in community-based practices in distribution and exhibition. Engaging publics who have been historically left out of cinema or festival spaces and now find themselves on the wrong side of paywalls. From film clubs to libraries, town halls to schools, it's time to make visible and accessible the network of thousands of physical spaces where folks gather and can watch together. Join us to explore what we have been up to and start reimagining what community distribution can look like. 

Panelists: Zeena Starbruck, Stephano Mendelek, Gugi Gumilang (DISCO, In-Docs, Aflamuna)