Just the Wind

Bence Fliegauf

Close-up drama about an ordinary Roma family in a Hungarian village, the day after the racist killing of five families from their community. The film, based on true events, won three awards at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Mari lives with her two children and their grandfather in a village in Hungary. The recent killings of members of five Roma families put her life on edge. Fearful of a new attack, the family tries to get through the day. Working double shifts, Mari tries to earn enough money to go to Canada, where her husband has already moved. Teenage daughter Anna does her best to concentrate on school, while young Rio is busy doing other things… Every night, as twilight comes down in the village, the family members nestle up against each other. When an unexpected noise startles them, they dismiss it as ‘just the wind’. Their hope to escape from insanity turns out to be an illusion, however.
Just the Wind is based on an actual series of killings in Hungary that claimed the lives of at least eight people in one year.


Bence Fliegauf
Country of production
Hungary, Germany, France
98 minutes
Production company
World Sales
The Match Factory
Dutch distributor
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