KABK Preps Take Over

Various Directors

The Students' Choice program offers sixty international students from the preparatory year of the Royal Academy of Art the unique opportunity to participate in our festival, both in the role of filmmaker and juror. In addition to following masterclasses of film professionals and judging six films from the festival program, they present their homemade human rights short films in KABK Preps Take Over.

During this event, the students of the preparatory year will take the stage!
The KABK Prep-year, Movies that Matter festival and Filmhuis Den Haag have joined forces and promise a diverse and inspiring evening.
By attending several masterclasses and workshops, the preparatory year students of the Royal Academy of Art were introduced to different human rights themes as well as to different styles of filmmaking. Over a period of just a few months they have created their own short films with their point of view on what issues should be reconsidered.
Besides the screening of the films, we will also initiate room for discussion, performance and musical interventions. Our special guest for this evenings program is Jordi Wijnalda, a young and talented film-director who has supported the students during their production.


Various Directors
120 minutes