Mixed Kebab

Guy Lee Thys

Ibrahim “Bram” Aydin is a Belgian-born Turk, who, at 27, should really be getting married, according to his traditional parents. What Bram’s parents don’t realise is that he is much more interested in getting close to the cute, blonde Kevin, who works at the local chip shop. Finally, Bram’s parents lay down the law: He must travel to Turkey and meet with his 18-year-old cousin Elif, who he will marry. Although Bram bows to their wishes, he cannot resist taking Kevin with him on his trip. In the meantime, rumours swirl around their multi-cultural Antwerp neighbourhood about Bram’s “inclinations”.

Complicating the situation further is Bram’s streetwise brother Furkan, who joins a group of Islamic fundamentalists, finds out about Bram’s relationship with Kevin and plots to expose them – or possibly do worse.

Mixed Kebab is a film about a young man caught not just between two worlds but four: traditional and modern, gay and straight. (Flandersimage, 2012)


Guy Lee Thys
Belgium, Turkey
98 minutes