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Hetty Nietsch

World premiere of a new three-part TV series, broadcast by VARA, about Dutch detectives who hunt down war criminals suspected of committing serious crimes against humanity in war situations. Many of them have fled to the Netherlands.

Detectives of the International Crimes Team believe that the Netherlands should not be a safe haven for war criminals. Therefore, they relentlessly track suspects of serious crimes against humanity, committed during wars. Their quest invariably reveals links to the Netherlands. Programme makers Hetty Nietsch and Danielle van Lieshout followed these special policemen over a long period of time and obtained access to a world outsiders are unaware of, resulting in a series of three documentaries. Part one is about the current war in Syria and the methods applied by Dutch policemen to determine the identity of the criminals. We watch as the detectives perform their thorough investigations, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The makers of the series also interview renowned US prosecutor Stephen Rapp who calls for a UN tribunal to judge war crimes committed in Syria. His work is based on Amnesty International reports stating that torture and killings are systematically carried out in Syrian prisons.

The series will have it's (closed) première at the Movies that Matter Festival.


Hetty Nietsch
Country of production
Netherlands, The
Television Series
45 minutes
Spoken language
Arabic, Dutch, English
Production company