Nagesh Kukunoor

Heart-warming road movie about the odyssey of ten-year-old Pari and her blind younger brother Chotu through the dusty countryside of inland India. Pari promised her brother that he would not be blind anymore on his ninth birthday. But there is no money for an operation. So they set out on an adventure and undertake a journey to their idol, who is bound to help them, of course.

Pari and her blind brother Chotu are inseparable. They do everything together and even their teasing is fond and gentle. The children no longer have parents and are raised by their aunt and uncle, with whom they share a hut in a desolate place in India.

Their aunt and uncle are struggling to take care of the children properly, so the siblings depend on each other. Pari promised her little brother that he would be able to see again by the time he turns nine years old, but there is no money to pay for the operation. With Chotu’s birthday approaching, Pari is desperately searching for a solution. A sentence on a film poster of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Kahn gives her hope and she becomes convinced that this man will help them. When she finds out that the actor is recording a new film a mere 300 kilometres away in the desert, she decides to hit the road together with Chotu. 

The children undertake a colourful adventure, full of extraordinary meetings, friendships and a bit of danger. Will little Chotu ever be able to see?


Nagesh Kukunoor
Manish Mundra
Country of production
106 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Kukunoor Movies
World Sales
Drishyam Films
Dutch distributor