Shorts Special voor ISK- en praktijkonderwijs

Various Directors

For pupils of International Transition Classes and practical education, we offer a special in-depth film programme. You can book this programme as an education screening. 

About the programme
Students will watch the two gripping short films and participate in an interactive quiz. 

About the films
Fifteen-year-old Lavanya Raghoenandan, as DJ Kendis, is the youngest DJ to perform at festivals and dance parties. Not only is this special because of her age, but also because she is in constant pain due to an accident. She forces herself to carry on, despite the nerves before a gig and the pain afterwards.

King Ridwan
Ridwan is a 20-year-old TikTokker with an intellectual disability who wants to be taken seriously in his dream of becoming a successful rapper. He is wildly popular in his city of Leeuwarden, thanks to his videos that have gone viral several times on TikTok. However, his popularity has grown partly because people mock him. His family wants to protect him from the negative effects of social media, but Ridwan wants to be taken seriously in pursuing his passions. Will Ridwan get discouraged by all the obstacles that come his way, or will he continue to believe in his dream of becoming a social media superstar?

About the language
To support learning the Dutch language, both films are Dutch spoken and subtitled. The programme is presented in Dutch, taking into account the pupils' language level. Even the quiz questions are formulated in simple Dutch.

About preparation and debriefing in class
Prior to the cinema visit, teaching materials are available to prepare students for the programme. In addition, we also offer teaching materials that you can go through with your class after the cinema visit.



Various Directors
Country of production
Netherlands, The
80 minutes
Spoken language