Shorts that Matter


Compilation of 5 short films in cooperation with Go Short:

1. Burners (Farid Bentoumi): Amine, a young Algerian, rents a camcorder and films souvenirs on his way to Eldorado.

2. Body Team 12 (David Darg): Body Team 12 workers have one of the most dangerous and gruesome jobs in the world: collecting the dead from the streets of the Ebola zone. Told through the eyes of a female body, this film explores the philosophy of Time magazine's persons of the year: The Ebola workers of West Africa.'

3. Samsung Galaxy (Romain Champalaune): Samsung is the largest company in South Korea. Through its 79 subsidiaries, Samsung can be seen everywhere— from every layer of the society to every aspect of daily life.

4. Last Day of Freedom (Nomi Talisman, Dee Hibbert-Jones): When Bill Babbitt realizes his brother Manny has committed a crime he agonizes over his decision- should he call the police? Last Day of Freedom, a richly animated personal narrative, tells the story of Bill’s decision to stand by his brother in the face of war, crime and capital punishment. The film is a portrait of a man at the nexus of the most pressing social issues of our day – veterans’ care

5. Over (Jörn Threlfall): Over presents a crime scene. During the course of 9 wide shots, told in reverse order, we watch an intriguing story unfold. What has happened in this quiet neighbourhood? A murder, a hit-and-run, an accident? The reality is profound, and deeply unexpected.


120 minutes