Take on Afghanistan: In Conversation

In this masterclass we have an in-depth conversation with this year’s main guests: filmmakers Sahra Mani, Aboozar Amini and Dawood Hilmandi. The talk addresses the challenges and difficulties of being an Afghan filmmaker. How does one keep his/her/their artistic voice when fleeing their home country? What is the current situation in Afghanistan for filmmakers? And what is it like working as a filmmaker in diaspora? The conversation is illustrated with excerpts from Mani's, Amini's and Hilmandi's filmography.

Sahra Mani, who fled Kabul in 2021, is the director of the documentary A Thousand Girls Like Me (2019), which won more than 25 awards worldwide. Aboozar Amini (Kabul, City in the Wind; 2018) is one of the few filmmakers to return to Afghanistan after graduating. He and other young talents have been part of a new wave of Afghan cinema. The Dutch Afghan Dawood Hilmandi started his film career with Bekhawy (2009) which was screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. In addition, his shorts Arvaksca and 2087 were screened at Cannes in 2011 and 2012. 

Moderator: Orwa Nyrabia, Artistic Director IDFA

Language: English

Please note that this programme is being recorded. If you visit this programme, you may be filmed.