Take on Film & Impact

A selection of documentary film projects about human rights and/or social or environmental issues that need to be urgently addressed, have been chosen to take part in Take on Film & Impact. Read more about the selected projects

The teams behind the projects attend both group and individual coaching sessions led by experienced impact producers and strategists in order to (further) develop their impact goals and strategies for their films.  

The focus for the first day of the programme is on finalising the projects’ impact pitches. The morning session features a keynote by Danielle Turkov (ThinkFilm), a case study of a successful impact campaign and a panel discussion on distribution. Moderated by Christian Popp (YUZU Productions) with speakers from both the world of impact production and the side of distribution. In the afternoon the film teams prepare themselves for the pitches in a closed session. 

Moderator: Margje de Koning, artistic director Movies that Matter 
Language: English

Movies that Matter: Take on Film & Impact is organised in collaboration with Doc Society, FIFDH and The StoryBoard Collective.

Please note that this programme is being recorded. If you visit this programme, you may be filmed.