Take on Human Rights Film Festivals (Breakfast Edition) 

Meet human rights film festival organisers from all over the world!

In this inspirational session the participants of Cinema without Borders introduce themselves and their festivals. Afterwards there is an opportunity to meet and network. The doors open at 09:30. No need to bring breakfast yourself: we have coffee, tea and croissants ready for you. 

Cinema without Borders is a multi-day interactive workshop programme for film festival organisers to strengthen new human rights film festivals and enhance the sustainability of existing festivals. In addition to connecting with like-minded festivals, sharing ideas and building new networks, participants get inspired and assisted. 

The workshops focus on the film programming, communication and marketing of festivals. Topics like partnerships, fundraising and impact, but also censorship and security are discussed. International festival directors and other experts on human rights and film lead the sessions. 

The following guests will be in attendance:

Yacouba Sangare - Ivory Coast, Abidjan - Cine Droit Libre Abidjan
Katarina Galisinova - Slovakia, Bratislava - One World Slovakia
Judita Ragauskaitė - Lithuania, Vilnius - Inconvenient Films
Manuela Sobral - Brasil, São Paulo - Entretodos Brasil
Montaser Alsabe - Palestine, Gaza City - Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival
Maria Carrion - Algeria/ Western Sahara - FiSahara & NomadsHRC
Bethany Seymour - USA, Fort Collins - ACT Human Rights Film Festival
Eniko Gyuresko - Hungary, Budapest - Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
Una Ciric - Serbia, Belgrade - Association Free Zone Film Festival
Tomáš Poštulka  - Czech Republic, Prague - One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
Tadeusz Strączek – Poland, Warsaw - WatchDocs Poland
Ehab Hasan al Khatib – Jordan, Amman - Karama Human Rights Film Festival Jordan
Victoria Leshchenko - Ukraine, Kiev - Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 
Abdoulaye Diallo - Burkina Faso - Cine Droit Libre Burkina Faso

Language: English