Rough Cut Service

Docs Up Fund Award

8 projecten uit 8 landen (Iran, Kenia, Polen, Bosnië, Israël, Hong Kong, Colombia, Tunesië) werden ingediend bij de sectie Rough Cut Service van Movies that Matter. Ze waren allemaal van een verbazingwekkend hoog niveau, met relevante onderwerpen en kwesties, en geweldige narratieve en cinemtografische verhalen.

Na lang beraad werd door het Docs Up Fund een subsidie ​​van € 1.500 euro gegeven aan Nothing About My Mother van Salem Trabelsi en Latifa Robbana Doghri (Tunesië).

De film gaat over een door haar ouders misbruikt en lastiggevallen kind genaamd Sirwa. Sirwa wordt geadopteerd door een gezin terwijl haar moeder en vader in de gevangenis zitten. De radicale keuze van de regisseur, om niet het gezicht van Sirwa te laten zien terwijl ze opgroeit, is erg uitdagend en alle opnames zijn erg filmisch. Het team moet kunnen profiteren van de goede en ervaren redacteur om de uiteindelijke ruwe versie te verbeteren.



Regisseur: Yaser Talebi
Producer: Elaheh Nobakht
Productiebedrijf: Eli Image
Land: Iran

Elaheh Nobakht

Sahar is an 18-year-old girl living in a remote village in Northern Iran. Her mother died unexpectedly of cancer two years ago. Since then, Sahar has lived alone with her cognitively impaired father Rahim. The traditional family demands that she should give up her own future dream and take care of her father. However, Sahar’s wish is to study and become a doctor. Sahar is torn: Should she listen to her family or can she escape this pressure of expectations and go after her dreams?

Truck Mama

Regisseur: Zipporah Nyaruri
Co-director: Peggy Mbiyu
Producer: Zipporah Nyaruri
Land: Kenya

Zipporah Nyaruri

In order to provide for her sons, a determined mother has to conquer East Africa’s most notorious highway- the devil’s highway. Driving a sensitive 20-tonne cargo and a 2-year-old at home, a challenge like never before awaits. Truck Mama is a personal story of Evelyn Mumbua Mutuku, a long-haul truck driver and a mother of two who for many years has logged thousands of miles driving a 30-foot truck across East Africa’s notorious highway – the ‘Devils Highway’.

You Are Not Alone

Regisseurs: Arash Kamali Sarvestani & Katarzyna Hejna-Modi
Country of Production: Netherlands, Poland

Arash Kamali Sarvestan

On 5th August 2020 Margot Szutowicz a nonbinary Polish activist have been arrested by Warsaw Police. Two days later Forty-eight other people, from a crowd of LGBT rights supporters protesting Szutowicz’s imminent arrest were also arrested. A queer polish journalist based in the Netherlands goes to Poland to investigate about the arrest of Margot and the recent situation of LGBT people in Poland.

Blue Island

Regisseur: Tze Woon Chan
Producer: Catherine Ki Chan
Land: Hong Kong/China/Japan

Catherine Ki Chan

Set in a time when Hong Kong political activism is more uncertain than ever, Blue Island navigates an immersive and innovative cinematic journey that pieces together the memories of people who lived through tumultuous times and those who fight today for a better future. Blue Island looks to the past to seek answers for the current state of affairs.

Bigger than Trauma

Regisseur: Vedrana Pribaci
Producer: Mirta Puhlovski
Editor: Marta Puhlovski
Land: Croatia

Mirta Puhlovski

Over a 3 year period, the film follows the conditions and experiences of 4 women, out of thousands raped during the war, as they share their life stories on a journey to recovery and healing. How does personal change come about? In this project we meet several women that were kept in sexual slavery during the war in Yugoslavia. Their families were killed in one of the last European wars; they were tortured and raped for months, but survived; guilt and shame kept them quiet for 25 years.

Nothing About My Mother

Regisseurs en producenten: Salem Trabelsi & Latifa Robbana Doghri
Land: Tunesia

Latifa Robbana Doghri

Between the ages of 6 to 8, Siwarwas raped, tortured and prostituted by her mother and stepfather. When it was discovered, she was placed into foster care, and her parents were sent to jail for 6 years. Today Siwar is 15, and lives with Wassila – an elderly woman of 70, who took her in as her own. They live an isolated life in an apartment with 20 cats. In spite of her horrible past, Siwar will not give up. She attempts to bring her case to the justice system by bringing up suit against her biological mother, trying her for “human trafficking” amongst other things. But Tunisia does not have any laws that protect children, it does not even consider children as citizens of the state; they are considered a property of the parents.

The Law of Silence

Regisseur en producent: Paola Desiderio
Editor: Gabriel Baudet
Land: Colombia/Sweden/UK

Paola Desiderio

The Law of Silence tells the story of a talented Colombian journalist, Silvia Duzan and the leaders of a courageous group of peasants, who dared challenging the drug cartels and the most powerful forces of their time. Silvia Duzan was on a mission to tell their story, when they were all silenced forever on 26 February 1990. They were killed so that their incredible story couldn’t be told, until today.


Regisseur en producent: Nurit Kedar
Editor: Yael Perlov
Land: Israel

Catherine LeClef (Distributor) – CAT&Docs

Schoolyard is a film of the Rashomon style examine the emotional, moral, issues that lay in the background of the act and continue to guide the lives of those involved to this day. The testimonies of the soldiers who took part in the brutal beatings and killing, the witnesses who witnessed their war crimes, and the detainees who endured the torture — have never been exposed. It is the story of any war.