The Dictator Hunter

2007, 75 minutes

Human rights activist Reed Brody chases ‘Africa’s Pinochet’, the former dictator of Chad. He should face trial for the 40.000 fatal victims of his regime. “If you kill one person, you go to jail. If you kill forty people,
they put you in an insane asylum. If you kill forty thousand people, you get a comfortable exile with your bank account in another country,” says Reed Brody. He hunts dictators for a living as a lawyer with Human Rights Watch. For seven years, Brody has been chasing one ex-dictator in particular: Hissène Habré, the former leader of Chad, who is charged with killing thousands of his own countrymen in the eighties. Habré
now lives in Senegal, where Brody is attempting to have him brought to trial or extradited. Fluent in French, the American Brody is tireless. Director Klaartje Quirijns follows him from meetings with diplomats in New York to Paris, where one of the most wanted members of the Chadian regime resides. They go on to Senegal, where Hissène Habré lives in exile, and have a harrowing encounter with angry widows in Chad.


Justice and law, War and armed conflict
Suitable for
havo/vwo - bovenbouw
mbo - niveau 3 & 4
Klaartje Quirijns
Country of production
Chad, United States, France, Senegal, Gambia
75 minutes
Age rating