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Apart from the Movies that Matter Festival and its education programme we also organise film screenings throughout the Netherlands, followed by expansion programmes that take the form of introductions, debates or Q&A sessions. To this end, we work together with a lot of cultural and social organisations such as Roffa Mon Amour and Pakhuis De Zwijger.

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Films & Advice

As an international centre of expertise, Movies that Matter informs Dutch and foreign organisations about human rights films. A huge number of film productions have documented or portrayed human rights abuses, ranging from big Hollywood productions to non-western documentaries produced with limited financial resources. Movies that Matter aims to select truth-loving films that convey a strong cinematographic and communicative message. Faced with the wide variety of human rights issues, Movies that Matter attempts to strike a balance between topical and long-term subject matters, and between problem-focused and solution-oriented films.

You can use our online film database to find a selection of these films. You will find films and documentaries of varying lengths dealing with different subjects, situations and countries.

For information on how to organise a film screening in countries outside The Netherlands, please go here.

In the past, we worked together with, among others: