WdKA x MtMF23: Teaser Project

For the Movies that Matter Festival 2023, we asked the talented Audiovisual Design students from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam to make teasers that they believe represent the vision of the festival.⁠⁠⁠ Below are the winning teasers.

Amy Chung

About Amy: ”l am a motion graphics filmmaker currently studying at the Korea National University of Arts, based in Seoul, Korea. Creating artworks of the imaginary world, my goal is to engage the audience into a new dimension of creativity.”

Logline: A short story of a person, glitching into a new surrounding full of vibrant colors and images sprouting up from everywhere, to portray the colorful ideas the film festival will be delivering to the audience.

Ju Yoo

About Ju: ”I am a visual maker from South Korea. I am currently studying Audiovisual Design in WdKA. Before I came to Rotterdam, I studied Conceptual Art in Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. I have lived in US, Berlin, Vienna and Stockholm and now here I am in Rotterdam :)”

Logline: After watching a film, you start a new journey to understand how other’s lives are. Your small universe expands and interacting with other’s small universes. Talking about films can initiate to communicate with others. Going out of your own world and communicating with others.

Krisztián Polónyi-Gyuricza

About Krisztián: ”I was an exchange student at WdKA when I made this video. I study Media Design in Hungary and work as a freelancer in cinematography and various post-production phases. I mainly create sports, commercials, and music videos. In the last half year, I have become interested in documentaries and social problems. Currently, I am in the pre-production phase of a documentary as well.”

Logline: Each voice is important on its own, together they are the key to change.

Pascal Haring

About Pascal: ”I am a driven and versatile artist with a passion of finding unique and innovative ways to tell a story. Other artists around me are an infinite source of inspiration; this motivates me to use many different mixed disciplines to convey my thoughts and inspirations to the world with a focus on technically pushing the envelope.”

Logline: Our senses connect us, with each other and with film. To be at movies that matter is to connect through human stories, leaving a ripple effect that cannot go unnoticed.

Nayo Sauter

About Nayo: ”I am Nayo (she/they/-). I am black, light-skinned, queer-feminist, female assigned at birth and genderqueer. I am able-bodied and grew up in Switzerland, Basel. Being intersectionally discriminated against and at the same time privileged to grow up in a safe environment and having access to education and time to make art, gives me a position where I have to use the potential – to give back to all trans, queer and black communities, who fought and sacrificed a LOT to make me grow up safer than they did. I make art and projects – videos like this because I feel a responsibility to try to change, to pass on knowledge and tell stories of others. Giving us a voice – so listen!”

Logline: This teaser overloads and provocates the viewer with questions to activate their reflection in the present moment.

Samera Yosef

About Samera: ”Hi, my name is Samera I’m 23 years old, from Willem de Kooning Academy. Born and raised in Rotterdam to pursue my passion in film and eventually make a job out of it!’

Logline: When diversity tries to exclude you, we all connect in different ways, we all matter.