Julia Bacha

Palestinian native Ayed Morrar brings members of Fatah and Hamas and Israeli citizens together in their peaceful struggle against the Israeli separation barrier, which is to be erected near his village Budrus. Without indulging in self-complacency or romanticizing peace, Budrus shows how successful the actions of this peacemaker are in the Palestinian community.

The separation barrier would wipe away 120 hectares of land and 3,000 olive trees around Budrus, and represent an important loss of income for the local population. To prevent the barrier’s construction, Ayed Morrar created a non-violent movement. His fifteen-year-old daughter Iltezam follows in his footsteps with a women movement. The camera follows the ‘founding father’ in his efforts to achieve the impossible: bringing Fatah en Hamas together, introducing a female leader and inviting hundreds of Israelis to his village to support his cause. Many activists from Budrus are continuing their peaceful crusade in villages like Bil'in, Nabi Saleh and Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem. Budrus allows different protagonists to express their views: from the Palestinian leaders of the movement and their Israeli supporters to Doron Spielman, spokesman for the Israeli government, and the head of the border police stationed in Budrus.


Julia Bacha
Ronit Avni, Sandi DuBowski
Country of production
Palestine, Israel, United States
75 minutes
Spoken language
Arabic, English, Hebrew
Production company
Just Vision Film
World Sales
Just Vision Film