The Fixer

Adrian Sitaru

Radu is a Romanian junior reporter who works as a translator and 'jack of all trades' at well-known French news agency AFP. He jumps on the bandwagon when he obtains an interview with an underage prostitute. But then his conscience gets in the way.

Ambitious and a perfectionist, Radu wants to make the best of his potential, but he is nowhere near achieving his ultimate goals. He works as a trainee and translator in Bucharest for French news agency AFP, where he aspires to become a reporter. His ambition is not limited to his own career: he is tough on his son, who repeatedly fails to finish first at swim competitions.

When two underage Romanian prostitutes have been brought from Paris to a Romanian monastery, he sees a golden opportunity to show what he’s capable of. Radu goes to great lengths to obtain an interview with the girls, and finally convinces one of the victims to talk to the press. During the interview Radu is faced with a moral dilemma. Should a reporter be allowed to manipulate his subject in order to disclose bigger wrongdoings?


Adrian Sitaru
Country of production
Romania, France
98 minutes
Spoken language
French, Romanian
Production company
4 Proof Film
World Sales
MPM Film