13 in de oorlog

2009, 260 minutes

13 at War takes you back to the Second World War in 13 episodes (each 25 min.) and tells you what happened and what it is like to grow up during the war.

In 1939, Europe is at war. Bombs are being dropped on houses, soldiers are shooting at each other and millions of people are losing their homes and their lives. This is all because of Adolf Hitler, the boss of Germany. Hitler wants to become the boss of whole Europe and that is why the Germans also invade the Netherlands. For the Dutch people, this means that their lives change completely in one blow.

Episode 1: A City on Fire
Episodes 2: The occupation
Episodes 3: NSB
Episodes 4: England
Episode 5: Betrayal and resistance
Episode 6: Jews
Episode 7: Armed resistance
Episode 8: Destruction
Episode 9: Arnhem
Episode 10: Hunger Winter
Episode 11: India
Episode 12: Liberation
Episode 13: After the war


Racism and/or discrimination, War and armed conflict
Suitable for
basisonderwijs - groep 7 & 8
Marcel Goedhart, Hein Hoffmann, Vincent Schuurman
Country of production
Netherlands, The
Documentary, Fiction
260 minutes
Age rating