Drugs: Drie Korte Films over de Gevolgen van Drugs

2014, 13 minutes

The consequences of drugs in society are enormous. For health, the economy, the environment, culture and politics. Yet real solutions to reduce the production, trade and use of drugs seem far away. The Drugs lesson package contains three short films about the many consequences of drug trafficking, the war on drugs and drug addiction.

La Carnada (Josh Soskin, 13 min) – fictionfilm about drug trafficking.

War on Drugo (Gabriel Nobrega, 4 min) – animationfilm about the war on drugs.

Haiduc (Annelies Kruk, 15 min) – documentary about a fifteen year old boy who is addicted to drugs.


Learning goals

  • Students gain insight into the causes and consequences of drug addiction.
  • Students can identify various political measures to control drug use.
  • Students learn to form their own opinion regarding the criminalization of drugs.
  • Students can name the causes and consequences of drug addiction.


Crime, Democracy and politics, Poverty, War and armed conflict
Suitable for
mbo - niveau 1 & 2
mbo - niveau 3 & 4
vmbo b/k - leerjaar 3 & 4
vmbo t - leerjaar 3 & 4
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13 minutes