Un Sac de Billes

2016, 110 minutes

Paris, the Second World War. 11 Year-old Joseph has a good relationship with his parents and elder brothers. They lead a happy life. Until the threat of the Nazi’s becomes too dangerous for the Jewish family.

It is no longer safe for the family to stay together and thus they partedways. Joseph flees Nazi-occupied Paris together with his older brother Maurice,in the hope to reach a free and safe part of France. The boys are alone andhave no one to lean one. Thanks to their unbelievable amount of courage theymanage to escape to Nice, which brings an intense feeling of freedom. Theyalmost forget they were running away from something. But their safety does notlast long, because the Germans are coming. The brothers have to do everythingin order to hide their religious background. The hope of being reunited withtheir family keeps them going. Together they are stronger.


Family, Identity, Migration and refugees, War and armed conflict
Suitable for
havo/vwo - onderbouw
vmbo b/k - leerjaar 1 & 2
vmbo t - leerjaar 1 & 2
Christian Duguay
Country of production
France, Canada, Czech Republic
110 minutes
Age rating
12 discriminatie geweld grof taalgebruik