The True Cost

2015, 92 minutes

Who pays the true cost of the clothes we wear? In our prosperous society it’s not unusual to buy a new sweater several times a month. But what do we know about the industry hiding behind our cheap fashion? The True Cost uncompromisingly shows the shameless attitudes that the clothing industry and its consumers have adopted.

While fashion companies used to present a new collection four times a year, at the change of season, these days large fashion retailers come up with new collections every week in order to satisfy consumers’ bulimia. The huge offering makes competition fierce, and keeps prices low.

But what does this development mean for the production chain behind all these beautiful clothes? From the glamorous catwalks to the slums of Bangladesh, this eye-opening documentary reveals the different aspects of the fashion industry and shows how our desire to consume affects humans and ecosystems all over the world.

We also see how influentials including fashion designer Stella McCartney, activist Livia Firth and scientist Vandana Shiva call for a more equitable and environmentally friendly way to produce clothes, while maintaining the uniqueness and attractiveness of fashion.


Suitable for
havo/vwo - bovenbouw
mbo - niveau 1 & 2
mbo - niveau 3 & 4
vmbo b/k - leerjaar 3 & 4
vmbo t - leerjaar 3 & 4
David-Jan Bronsgeest
Country of production
United States
92 minutes