Het Vonnis

2013, 112 minutes

When the murderer of his wife is released due to a procedural error, Luc Segers blows a fuse. He takes justice into his own hands and wages war against the rule of law by which he feels abandoned. Het Vonnis is a captivating Flemish courtroom thriller about law and justice.

Luc Segers has a gorgeous wife, a nice daughter and a good job. What’s more, he is about to  get promoted. It becomes painfully clear how fragile this happiness is when his wife is killed in an armed robbery. His sense of justice is put to the test when his wife’s murderer is released shortly after being arrested due to a procedural error. That’s when Luc blows a fuse and decides to take justice into his own hands, waging war against the rule of law that abandoned him.

Intense, strongly acted courtroom drama about law and justice, morality and ethics in modern-day Flanders.


Justice and law
Suitable for
havo/vwo - bovenbouw
mbo - niveau 3 & 4
Jan Verheyen
Country of production
112 minutes
Age rating
16 geweld grof taalgebruik