Grand Jury Documentary

This year we launch the new competition Grand Jury Documentary, made possible in part by broadcaster BNNVARA. Eight documentaries will be selected from the full film programme of the festival. These are films where cinematography and content go hand in hand. An international jury will declare the winner of € 5,000.


A La Calle

Insightful documentary chronicling the massive Venezuelan protests of 2017 and the contested presidential elections two years later. With a wide range of voices, from medical workers and a barber to opposition leaders and supporters of president Maduro. Telling a story playing out throughout the world today: that of au...

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Colombia in My Arms

Visually strong documentary about Colombia after the peace agreement between the government and the FARC guerrilla’s. Will the fragile peace deal survive the distrust and rancour built up by decades of war? With elections coming up, some politicians hope to gain from exploiting the tensions even further. When in 2016 t...

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Dying to Divorce

More than one in three Turkish women have experienced domestic violence, and femicides are rising. Brave Turkish activists and lawyers fight for justice for the victims. But after the 2016 coup attempt, the government tightens its grip on society and their work is becoming increasingly dangerous. Arzu was forced into a...

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Fly So Far

Inspiring portrait of Teodora del Carmen Vásquez from El Salvador. After her baby was born dead, she was convicted to thirty years imprisonment for aggravated homicide. In prison she finds out that she is not the only one. Together, the women decide to take a stand. ‘When a woman [in El Salvador] becomes pregnant, she ...

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Petite Fille

7-year-old Sasha is born in a boy’s body, but doesn’t feel like a boy at all. Sasha is a girl. Her parents do everything to make her childhood as happy as possible. But Sasha’s school resists seeing her as a girl. Beautiful and warm documentary about identity and acceptance. ‘When I grow up, I’m going to be a girl’, Sa...

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Riveting account of the Zimbabwean 2018 presidential elections from inside the campaign of opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa – and its unbelievable, thriller-like aftermath. Zimbabwe is at a crossroads when charismatic Chamisa challenges ruling party ZANU-PF. But will the elections be fair? A political drama of the h...

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Shadow Game

Impressive documentary following several teenage boys who fled their home countries and are trying to find protection in Europe. Stories of hardship and exploitation, but also of endurance, warmth and human spirit. Stories of present-day Europe we should not look away from. Many of them call it ‘the game’: the journey ...

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Watch Over Me

Impressive, deeply moving documentary about a Delhi palliative care team visiting terminally ill cancer patients at home. Counselor Maniamma, nurse Sini and doctor Reena help them make the time they have left as pain-free and dignified as possible, while preparing them and their family members for the inevitable end. I...

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Galia Bador

Galia Bador is the Director of Docaviv - The Tel Aviv Docaviv International Film Festival, since 2009. Previously she served as the CEO of The Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum. She had produced award winning documentaries, among them "Jerusalem is Proud to Present", winner of the Human Rights Award at IDFA 2007.

Sam Soko

Sam Soko is a documentary director, producer and editor based in Nairobi, Kenya. His first feature documentary project, Softie, a story about balancing the deep love of country with the needs of the family, premiered at the 2020 Sundance film festival, winning a special jury prize for editing.

Simon Kilmurry

Simon Kilmurry has served as executive director of the International Documentary Association (IDA) since 2015. Prior to IDA he was the executive producer of POV, the PBS showcase of independent documentaries where he received one Prime Time Emmy, three Prime Time Emmy nominations, 17 News & Documentary Emmy Awards, more than 60 News & Documentary Emmy nominations, and six Peabody Awards.