Grand Jury Documentary

For the fourth time, we will present the Grand Jury Documentary Award in 2024. Eight documentaries will be selected from the festival’s full film programme. These are films where cinematography and content go hand in hand. An international jury will declare the winner of €5,000.

The Grand Jury Documentary Award is made possible by HUMAN.


Eddy’s oorlog

The award-winning war photographer Eddy van Wessel has been capturing various wars and conflict zones on film for thirty years. Filmmaker Joost van der Valk follows him over four seasons in Ukraine. At the front line, Eddy documents the war, searching for that one image that encapsulates the entire conflict.  ...

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Four Daughters

Inventive docu-fiction about the complex relationship between a Tunisian mother and her daughters. One day, Olfa's two eldest daughters disappear. Now, together with professional actors, Olfa and her remaining daughters reenact their history in a unique hybrid film combining fiction, theatre and documentary. Honest and...

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Ten years in the life of troubled Budapest street kid Sanyi, as he grows from 8 to 18 years old. Over the course of a decade, he turns from a mischievous youth into a public enemy. An intimate coming-of-age story. Sanyi is the youngest son of a very poor family in the centre of Budapest. A creative and excited kid, he ...

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The Mother of All Lies

Young Moroccan filmmaker Asmae El Moudir dives into her family’s past. In a miniature Casablanca, her family and friends help her to unravel the disturbing lies from her childhood. Asmae El Moudir grew up in a household where photos weren’t allowed. Her grandmother Zahra, a woman who cruelly demeans her da...

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Deeply touching fiction-documentary hybrid, looking at the war in Ukraine through the eyes of two children in search of a ray of light. Niki (12) and Vika (11) meet in the underground subway tunnels where their families hide from Russian bombs. ‘A positive attitude can help you forget everything.’ On a col...

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Samuel and the Light

Young Samuel lives in Ponta Negra, Brazil, whose inhabitants have been living without electricity. They lead an idyllic life, following the rhythm of nature. When the project ‘Light for All’ arrives, everything changes. Filmed over the course of six years, Samuel and the Light looks at a family living in a ...

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Searching for Nika

When Russian forces invaded Ukraine, Nika, the family dog of director Stas Kapralov, went missing. Determined to find her, Stas sets out into a war-ravaged country and, in the process, gets drawn into a world of volunteers risking everything to save abandoned animals. In his emotional attempt to find his dog Nika in wa...

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Soundtrack to a Coup d’Etat

Patrice Lumumba became the first prime minister of newly independent Congo in 1960, only to be executed the following year. He had become the personification the growing Pan-African movement, which threatened Western hegemony on the African continent. Against this background, jazz music became a political tool. Patrice...

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Anadil Hossain

Anadil Hossain is co-founder of Dillywood Inc, a media production company producing award winning films with a global lens across a broad range of genres and topics. Dillywood’s work encompasses feature films, documentaries, multi-media social impact projects in partnership with major film studios, global institutions, NGOs and foundations. These projects have addressed climate change, human trafficking, arms trade, worker’s rights and gender equality, and have been used for advocacy, policy and activism campaigns globally.
Filip Ćwik

Lukasz Konopa

Lukasz has a Master's Degree from the UK's National Film and Television School (NFTS). His documentaries have played at festivals, such as Hot Docs, Camerimage, Visions du Reel and SXSW. His short After won the CILECT Best Documentary Film award, which is chosen by the association of the world’s major film and television schools. His first full-length documentary, Theatre of Violence, premiered at CPH DOX in 2023 and won VIKTOR Award for Best Documentary (DOK.fest Munich), Grand Prix (Movies That Matter), Young Voice Award (Inconvenient Films). The film has a cinema distribution in the UK.

Don Edkins

Don Edkins is a South African documentary filmmaker and producer based in Cape Town who has produced documentary film projects that have been broadcast around the world, such as Steps for the Future, Why Democracy? and Why Poverty?, and most recently Generation Africa, with 25 films from 16 countries across Africa on the theme of migration and youth opportunities He is Executive Producer of AfriDocs, a free-to-view VOD platform and broadcast strand across Africa for creative documentary films.