Blue Jean

Georgia Oakley

Grand Jury Fiction

England, 1988. Gym teacher Jean keeps a secret at her school that she is a lesbian. A new law is set to outlaw teaching ‘the acceptability of homosexuality’ in schools. When new student Lois arrives, Jean’s entire being is tested. Does she think she has a place in this world? 
Jean Newman is happy in her job as a gym teacher and she has a loving relationship with Viv, her politically conscious girlfriend. But at school and in her family, nobody knows about Jean’s homosexuality. The only place she can freely express it, is at the club she visits. Looming over her head is Clause 28, a new law stigmatizing gays and lesbians and threatening her future as a teacher. 
One day, new student Lois arrives at school. Lois is a lesbian too, and not willing to hide it. When the other students turn against Lois, Jean’s double life is put to the test. As pressure mounds from all sides, she is challenged to stand up for who she really is. Beautiful drama about a subject that remains relevant to this day. With a fantastic performance by Rosy McEwen as Jean. 

Nominated for the Grand Jury Fiction award
All nominations


Georgia Oakley
Hélène Sifre, Marie-Elena Dyche
Country of production
United Kingdom
97 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Kleio Films
World Sales
Film Constellation
Dutch distributor