The People vs. Agent Orange

Kate Taverna, Alan Adelson

Activist Students’ Choice Dutch premiere

After decades of devastation caused by the poisonous herbicide Agent Orange, two heroic women are holding those responsible to account. Tran To Nga from Vietnam and Carol Van Strum from Oregon both seek justice after great personal loss. But their battle is a long, hard one, and not without danger.

During the Vietnam war, the American army indiscriminately sprayed vast areas of forest with the herbicide Agent Orange. Today, the fourth generation of Vietnamese still suffer enormous consequences – from birth defects to skin diseases and cancer. Tran To Nga was exposed to Agent Orange in the 1960s and lost her first child as a result. Her other children and her grandchildren have incurable diseases, and she herself has cancer. Right now, Tran is suing the American manufacturers of Agent Orange. Her case might be the victims’ last chance for justice.

In Oregon, United States, Carol Van Strum has been fighting the continuing use of toxic herbicides in her area for years. In their battle against the faceless chemical moguls, Carol and her fellow activists have been threatened and intimidated. But nearing 80, Carol refuses to give in. Eye-opening documentary about two fighters with a common goal, with an abundance of historical footage and also featuring interviews with brave whistleblowers.

Nominated for the Activist award
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Nominated for the Students’ Choice award
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Kate Taverna, Alan Adelson
Country of production
France, United States
88 minutes
Spoken language
English, French, Vietnamese