Quo Vadis, Aida?

Jasmila Zbanic

Camera Justitia Grand Jury Fiction

Impressive and heartbreaking drama about the hours leading up to the Srebrenica genocide of 1995. Aïda works as a translator for the Dutch-run UN base. She is torn apart between her duties for the powerless Dutchbat soldiers, and the desperation of her fellow-villagers – especially her husband and two sons.

When the Bosnian town of Srebrenica is taken over by the Bosnian Serb army in July 1995, more than 20.000 Bosnian Muslims flee to the Dutch-run UN compound nearby. Aïda, who works for the Dutch as a translator, is convinced the United Nations will live up to their promise of protecting the villagers. While doing her translation work amid the rising chaos, she also tries to help her husband – the timid school master Nihad – and their two sons.

But the army of general Mladić overwhelms the powerless Dutch, who desperately demand NATO air strikes that were promised but never come. As the events escalate into catastrophe, Aïda gives everything to save her husband and sons. Gripping and important historical drama, with masterful acting by Jasna Đuričić as Aïda and Johan Heldenbergh as Dutch colonel Thom Karremans.

Nominated for the Camera Justitia award
All nominations
Nominated for the Grand Jury Fiction award
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Jasmila Zbanic
Country of production
Bosnia and Herzegovina
102 minutes
Spoken language
Bosnian, Dutch, English