Searching for Nika

Stanislav Kapralov

Grand Jury Documentary Dutch premiere

When Russian forces invaded Ukraine, Nika, the family dog of director Stas Kapralov, went missing. Determined to find her, Stas sets out into a war-ravaged country and, in the process, gets drawn into a world of volunteers risking everything to save abandoned animals.

In his emotional attempt to find his dog Nika in war-torn Ukraine, Stas Kapralov becomes part of a volunteer movement rescuing animals. He meets veterinarians, volunteers and survivors. They are aggrieved but not cynical. War has hardened them and they show great determination in preserving life. These characters and their four-legged companions give life to barren conflict zones, but also unveil a painful portrait of senseless violence against all living things.

His personal quest transforms into a humanitarian mission as Stas takes part in saving a blind lion, evacuating animals amidst bombings, and along the way, capturing stories of bravery and compassion. Gripping documentary exploring the genuine connections between people and animals. 

Nominated for the Grand Jury Documentary award
All nominations


Stanislav Kapralov
Yan Fisher, Roger Corbi, Teras Stadnikov
Country of production
Ukraine, Spain
76 minutes
Spoken language
English, Russian, Ukrainian
Production company
FishCorb Films
World Sales
Sideways Film