Glitterstudio x MtMF24 scarf

The scarves are designed by Jana Blom and Caitlin Berner of Glitterstudio, a graphic design duo from The Hague. In their studio at Boekhorststraat 161, their playful style with pronounced typography comes to life. Their motto is “unlimited ideas, limited editions,” evident in all aspects of their work.

The scarves showcase a carefully curated selection of visual elements, continuously enriched with each drawing or creation. The typography is meticulously crafted by hand, and the green and blue colors draw inspiration from the Movies that Matter branding.

This scarf is more than a fashion accessory; it’s a powerful statement. Whether you raise it in protest or subtly express support for the protection of human rights, this scarf allows you to make your voice heard. Because it’s only HUMAN, RIGHT? Discover more at and follow @glitterstudio on Instagram, or visit their studio at Boekhorststraat 161.