Take on Tunes

Want to grab a drink before or after the film? DJs will spin in the foyer of the Theater aan het Spui every night, and on Saturday 23 March in Filmhuis. To provide you with good tunes. Check out the line-up below. 


Friday 22 March | 19:00-23:30 | Theater aan het Spui
DJ Soulslammer

Already made reputation as Frank-E in The Hague. He rocked “Lowlands Festival”. He is the godfather of the “Grooveyard”, mister Rare Grooves. His Funk parties became famous under the name “The Funk Syndicate”. As the “Soulslammer” he goes back to his roots.

Saturday 23 March | 22:30-01:00 | Filmhuis Den Haag
DJ Trippel 

This night we put the tables and chairs at the side and dance in Filmhuis with DJ Trippel. Expect R&B, HipHop, (Neo)soul, Funk and Afrobeats.

Sunday 24 March | 19:00-23:30 | Theater aan het Spui
Marieke McKenna (hosted by PAARD)

Marieke McKenna is a well-known face in The Hague’s artistic scene. A refined musical selector, she strives to find eclectic hidden gems, often placing them in the bigger tapestry of culture and society. Aside from her work as an academic philosopher, poet and writer, she runs recordlabel Mink Records, hosts her weekly radio show on NPO Radio 2 Soul & Jazz & made a podcast on ethnomusicology called ‘Roots & Threads’.

Monday 25 March | 19:00-23:30 | Theater aan het Spui
DJ Thelonious (hosted by PAARD)

At the end of the nineties DJ Thelonious made his debut in the bar of one of Rotterdam’s most legendary clubs called Nighttown. A DJ-set of Thelonious can consist Detroit, Chicago & New York inspired house, Disco, Broken beats, Afrobeats, Boogie, Brazil, & sometimes a bit Hiphop & Beats.

Tuesday 26 March | 19:00-23:30 | Theater aan het Spui
Miss D’Issi (hosted by Hummingbird music)

Good for sweet and groovy tunes that make you relax to spicing it up with a mix of groovy, funky, bluesy, jazzy, poppy, rocky, disco, soul, electro, swinging, jumping, turning, burning, flat on the couch, sweet and dreamy, hands in the air and feet on the ceiling!

Wednesday 27 march | 19:00-23:30 | Theater aan het Spui
DJ Ishtar

DJ Ishtar plays a cross-border mix ranging from Worldtronica, Balkan Beat, Ecclectic techno and Sufi & Shamanic Beat. She also plays Iranian alternative music. Since the Women, Life, Freedom movement, she has put together a special set of Iranian ‘revolution’ music. For years she had her own radio programme on Dutch radio 6 and Iranian exile radio Zamaneh.

Thursday 28 March | 19:00-20:00 and 22:30-23:45 | Theater aan het Spui
Mo Wrights

Mo Wrights is a Jazz cat by nature, House head by profession and curious Music lover at heart. He is a producer, DJ, curator and co-founder of the Amsterdam-based music platform Steppin’ Into Tomorrow. Mo Wrights moves effortlessly from House to Broken Beat, from Rap to Jazz-Funk, Punjabi Garage or Chutney-Soca and from Future Beats to Jazz Rave.

Friday 29 March | 19:00-23:30 | Theater aan het Spui
Remmit (hosted by PAARD)

Musiclover, playing mostly vinyl,ranging from jazz, soul and disco to kraut, dub, ambient, house and other electronics.  Aged. Playing at #CaféBakeliet in the Rotterdam area. Part of the “Rubber Legs Movement” with a monthly show #OperatorRadio.

Saturday 30 March | 21:30-01:00 | Theater aan het Spui
Andeweg (hosted by PAARD)

Wouter Andeweg aka Andeweg is a DJ and collector from The Hague. In addition to curating the online radio station ‘o o radio’, he runs a monthly show at the Rotterdam radio station Operator called ‘Plastic Fruits’. He also regularly performs at Paardcafé , Zeta and Gebr Nobel.