Hilt Lochten

Eleven-year-old Rino is a fanatical competitive swimmer. His nine-year-old brother Nik is his biggest fan, but he can't come to the pool very often to watch as the environment is too warm for him: Nik has a neuromuscular disease and is wheelchair-bound. Although this means the number of activities they can do together is limited, their bond is strong. As Nik says, "We are very special brothers!" Despite their obstacles, the boys look for ways to try and play together. But there are still times when they are at each other's throats. "We argue sometimes," explains Nik, "but that goes with the territory of being brothers, doesn't it?" Rino does his best to try to involve Nik in as many activities as possible.

So when playing soldiers outside, since Nik can't be the sniper - he'd have to run for that - he can at least be the tank. He proves himself to be an excellent goalie, gifted fisherman and the best "spinner" around - according to Nik, "That's something only wheelchair users can do." Rino is rarely irritated by having to help, and Nik, in turn, almost never complains either. "I can think up plenty of things to do when some other wheelchair users would simply give up." This sweet story of two close-knit brothers proves that someone with less physical ability can play along with the best of them.(IDFA) 


Hilt Lochten
Country of production
Netherlands, The
Documentary, Short
15 minutes
Spoken language
Production company