3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets

Marc Silver

Camera Justitia

Electrifying documentary thriller about Afro-Americanteenager Jordan Davis who is shot dead after a discussion about his loud music.The filmmakers reconstruct the events with interviews, phone conversations andhome video's, resulting in a collage on the huge divide in the United Stateswith regard to gun ownership and racism.

November 23, 2012. 45-year old Michael Dunn reprimands17-year-old Jordan Davis and his friends about their loud music in a gasstation parking lot. The argument escalates, Dunn allegedly feels threatenedand fires ten shots. This story of a white male murdering an African-Americanteen gives rise to many questions. In court, Dunn testifies that he saw aweapon during the confrontation. This leads to two takes on the shooting:either Dunn acted in self-defence, or he is a hotheaded racist.

Attempting to uncover the truth, filmmaker Marc Silverintersperses courtroom footage with a plethora of background materialrepresenting both parties. A conversation with Davis' parents at their kitchentable alternates with Dunn's collect calls from prison. 911 recordings fromthat fateful day serve as the voice-over for footage of the crime scene,including closed-circuit TV footage from the gas station. We even get to watchDunn's police interrogation. The two versions of what happened increasinglyintertwine, resulting in a collage on the huge divide in the US on guns,vigilantism and racism.

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Marc Silver
United States
98 minutes
children and youth, courts & tribunals, transitional justice, discrimination & racism