Acasa, My Home

Radu Ciorniciuc

The Enache family – father, mother and nine children – enjoy their life in the wilderness of a large nature park outside of Bucharest. But when they’re forced to move to an apartment in the city, the pressures of urban life build rapidly, and threaten to tear the family apart.

‘I moved here because I hated this wicked civilisation,’ says Gică Enache. The patriarch of the Enache family lives with his wife Niculina and nine minor children in a ramshackle hut in Văcăreşti Nature Park, a large urban delta at the edge of Bucharest. They have been living there for eighteen years without running water of electricity. They take care of themselves, catching fish with their bare hands and selling it door to door in Bucharest.

But the family doesn’t fit in the government’s plans to turn this previously neglected area into the EU’s largest urban nature park. Government services are closing in and despite Gică’s resistance, the family is forced to trade its life in the wilderness for a city apartment. In Bucharest, the neighbours are suspicious, school is tedious and fishing in the park lake gets you beaten up by the police. Will Gică manage to keep the family together?


Radu Ciorniciuc
Country of production
Romania, Germany, Finland
85 minutes
Spoken language
World Sales
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