Along the Way

Mijke de Jong

19-year-old Afghan twins Fatima and Zahra get separated from their family on their refugee journey. While their mother and sisters find refuge in the Netherlands, they have to survive in Istanbul. Fantastically played by real-life sisters Malihe and Nahid Rezaie, who helped write the script.

While walking with a group of refugees in the border region between Iran and Turkey, Fatima and Zahra get separated from their mother and sisters. They end up in Istanbul, where they link up with 16-year-old Rahim, a cocky boy with ‘connections’: he helps human traffickers. Because their work in an illegal sweatshop doesn’t pay enough to make the journey to the Netherlands, Fatima and Zahra start working for Rahim. This brings them into very dangerous and shady territory.

The story is largely based on the experiences of sisters Malihe and Nahid Rezaie, whom director Mijke de Jong met while giving film workshops in refugee camp Moria. They play Fatima and Zahra with a beautiful spirit and lust for life. Interspersed with interviews by the sisters with female inhabitants of Moria, who tell of their experiences, hardships and hopes.


Mijke de Jong
Country of production
Netherlands, The
80 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
BALDR Film Amsterdam
Dutch distributor
September Film Distribution