Atomic Heart

Ali Ahmadzadeh

Surreal, nightly trip through the streets of Tehran. Two tipsy friends drive around town after a party. They pick up their friend Kami, as he walks by the side of the motorway in the middle of the night rocking a pair of oversized sunglasses. Together they continue their road trip, until a mysterious encounter turns everything upside down.

Together with their very outspoken friend Kami, Arineh and Nobahar drive their car through the deserted streets of nightly Tehran (favourite activity of young people in Iran, where gasoline prices are controlled by the government). They engage in animated conversations about lame pick-up lines, the history of western toilets, pop music and all there is to know about the oppressive regime in Iran.

The exuberant atmosphere suddenly changes when they collide with another car and an unknown man gets in, telling them he has paid for the damage. He wants something in return, though, and asks the ladies to assist him with a peculiar mission. Meanwhile, Kami has left the car and so the girls find themselves facing a mysterious passenger who asks them all sorts of intrusive questions but is rather discrete as to his identity.

Together with this Iranian George Clooney lookalike, Arineh en Nobahar embark on an adventure that takes them to a strange world between dream and reality.


Ali Ahmadzadeh
Amir Seyedzadeh
Country of production
96 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
Afrand Film
World Sales
DreamLab Films