Belarusian Waltz

Andrzej Fidyk

Since 1994, President Alexander Lukashenko has ruled Belarus with a heavy hand. Opposition to his leadership is immediately quashed. Painter and performance artist Alexander Pushkin, is one of the few who dares to oppose the dictator.He organises street theatre in which he criticises the Belarussian president. Pushkin himself, however, also has a dark side.

There is no freedom of speech in Belarus. Critics of the totalitarian regime are imprisoned without mercy, while the murders of dissidents remain unsolved. This heavy repression has virtually wiped out open criticism of Lukashenko. Belarusian Waltz features the painter and performance artist Alexander Pushkin, one of the few inhabitants of Belarus who dares to oppose the Belarussian president. In his street theatre pieces he makes a fool out of the government. Pushkin’s heroic actions are always awarded with an arrest. This does not stop him, however, from returning to perform on the streets within a few months. The fearless Pushkin also has a dark side, which surfaces when he visits his former lover and their daughter. Belarusian Waltz offers a remarkable insight into the Belarusian soul.


Andrzej Fidyk
Torstein Grude
Country of production
Poland, Norway
73 minutes
Spoken language
Belorussian, Russian
Production company
Norwegian Film Institute
Dutch distributor
Kudos Family Distribution