Best of #MtMF19

various directors

On Saturday 30 March you'll see three of the best festival films. We''ll start the day with the fun comedy Smuggling Hendrix, followed by the documentary The Feminister and we'll end the day with the screening of the BNNVARA Audience Award 2019*. 

 *In case the BNNVARA Audience Award Winner is not subtitled in English and is not spoken in English either, we will provide you with free tickets for an alternative film on the same day at the same time slot.

Smuggling Hendrix tells the story of Yiannis, a fading musician who is planning to leave crisis-ridden Cyprus for a better life abroad. His plans are put on hold when his dog Jimi runs away and crosses the UN buffer zone that divides the "Greek" from the "Turkish" side of the island.

The Feminister shows you an incredible coverage of 4 years in the office of the Swedish foreign minister, Margot Wallström, known for her fearless feminist agenda and sharp, empathic mind. We witness her arduous negotiations with Saudi Arabia, Israel and South Korea, as well as a highly competitive campaign for a seat in the UNSC, followed by a crash course in keeping it cool in the face of death threats and intimidation.  


12.00 - 13.30      Smuggling Hendrix

13.30 - 14.15      break

14.15 - 15.45      The Feminister

15.45 - 16.45      break

16.45 - 19.00      Announcement Winner BNNVARA Audience Award and screening of the winning film


various directors
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93 minutes
Spoken language