Big Village

Beri Shalmashi, Lyangelo Vasquez

In Studio A at Filmhuis Den Haag, you will find Big Village, an interactive story about the obliterated headquarters of an Iranian-Kurdish resistance movement, with memories of fighters and their children of the perilous times in the mountains.

In Big Village, filmmaker Beri Shalmashi and co-director Lyangelo Vasquez follow the trail to Gewredê, the place where Beri was taken by her parents as a baby and then fled from. The headquarters of a Kurdish movement feared by Iran in the 1980s, during their fight against the Ayatollahs. In the interactive documentary you walk through a reconstruction of the peshmerga camp in the middle of the mountains, illustrated by Suzan Hijink. At your own pace, you explore stories of former residents, about the most beautiful but most difficult days of their lives.

Saturday, March 21, 13.00hr to Saturday, March 28, 17.00hr
Studio A, Filmhuis Den Haag


Beri Shalmashi, Lyangelo Vasquez
20 minutes
Spoken language
English, Kurdish