Kees Schaap

Reporter Sinan Can and musical actor Ara Halici, both Dutch but from respectively Turkish and Armenian parents, investigate how their families were involved in the Turkish massacres against the Armenian population one hundred years ago. In a six-part ‘documentary road movie’ broadcast by VARA, they go on a journey across Turkey and Armenia.

A tragedy unfolded in the Ottoman Empire (now known as Turkey) one hundred years ago. More than 800,000 Armenian inhabitants of the empire were killed by the ‘Young Turks’. Until today, Turkish and Armenians disagree about the circumstances leading up to this gruesome chapter in history. While Armenians – as most historians – are convinced that a genocide has taken place, Turkey firmly denies this. The opinion prevailing in Turkey is that the Armenians committed treason during the First World War and that the massacres of 1915 were acts of violence perpetrated by both sides.

In their quest to discover the truth about the Armenian genocide, Sinan and Ara come up against emotional facts that inevitably put their friendship to the test.


Kees Schaap
Country of production
Netherlands, The
Television Series
270 minutes
Spoken language
Armenian, Dutch, English, French, German, Kurdish, Turkish
Production company