Cairo 678

Mohamed Diab

Box-office hit from Egypt just before the 2011 revolution. Three women decide to no longer put up with pawing and sexual humiliations. When one of them is yet again the victim of groping in a crowded bus, she stabs the offender in the groin. Stand-up comedian Nelly does not take the law in her own hands, but files the first sexual harassment lawsuit in Egyptian history.

This daring film debut by director Mohamed Diab (one of the leaders of the 2011 Egyptian revolution) reveals the taboo on sexual harassment in the Egyptian society. Four out of five Egyptian women say they have been sexually intimidated. It is high time for another revolution. Fayza – interpreted by popular Egyptian pop star and actress Bushra – stabs the bus groper in the groin with her hair-clip. Seba, an attractive jewel designer, decides to organise a self-defense class for women after being indecently assaulted during a soccer match. Stand-up comedian Nelly brings her assailant to court after being attacked in the street, which gives rise to the first sexual assault trial ever to take place in Egypt.

Caïro 678 is based on facts. Diab currently hosts a weekly political discussion program on Egyptian television.


Mohamed Diab
Country of production
100 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
New Century Production
World Sales
Fortissimo Films