The Chosen Ones

David Pablos

Sofia is fourteen years old and head-over-heels in love with Ulises. That love is mutual. However, what Sofia does not know is that Ulises' family makes money by forcing young girls to work as prostitutes. Touching movie about trafficking of women in corruption-infested Mexico, with strong acting by semi-amateur actors.

When Ulises brings his new love Sofia to meet his family, his brother and father immediately remind him: do not get too emotionally attached, because you need to make money off of her. The cold-hearted family of the Mexican teenager is making tons of money by forcing young girls to work long days as sex slaves in a brothel. All the money the girls make, they have to hand over. If they want to escape, they are threatened with the murder of their family members or children.

Ulises refuses to hand over his love to the brothel, but his father is relentless. Sofia is robbed of her freedom and locked in a desolate house full of young girls who work there as prostitutes. Ulises begs his father to free Sofia, and he finally agrees on the sole condition that his son arranges an equally attractive girl to take the place of his sweetheart.


David Pablos
Country of production
France, Mexico
105 minutes
Spoken language
Production company
World Sales
Mundial Sales