Delicate Balance

Guillermo García López

Three stories from different continents about the present and future of mankind, including an interview with the former president of Uruguay, José Mujica, as a common thread. His ideas about modern society, in which economic interests prevail over human values, are the unifying factor.

In Morocco, African migrants, many of them well-educated young men, look out over the Spanish enclave from their wretched encampment. They hope to make it to Europe one day and build a new life there. In Madrid, entire families are evicted onto the streets when they can no longer afford their mortgage payments; the banks get a bail-out, but their clients do not. And in Tokyo, we see employees making lots of money, but working so hard that they seem to have been transformed into worker drones without identities.

For Weapon of Choice, five Dutch public figures have selected a film they believe everyone needs to see. At the festival, they explain why they each chose their film.

Delicate Balance is the film selected by Nadia Moussaid. She is the host of a weekly talk show called ‘Nieuwe Maan’ on NPO2 and also presents ‘De Bus’ on Radio 1. In 2009, she graduated from VU University Amsterdam with a degree in social and cultural anthropology. She started her media career as a researcher and editor at MTNL/VPRO.

Delicate Balance is part of the Weapon of Choice theme programme.


Guillermo García López
Pablo Godoy-Estel, Pedro González Kühn
Country of production
81 minutes
Spoken language
Bambara, French, Japanese, Spanish
Production company
Sintagma Films