Disturbing the Peace

Stephen Apkon, Andrew Young

Since 2005, Israelis and Palestinians have been working for peace, side by side and non-violent, united as the Combatants for Peace. Aided by the support of archival material, filmmakers Stephen Apkon and Andrew Young tell the story of this assertive group.

The Palestinians and Israelis who have united in the Combatants for Peace have remarkable life stories, marked by the troublesome history of their country. They have attempted suicide attacks or fought an uneven battle in service of the Israeli army. What they have in common is the fact that they have come to the realisation that armed conflict will never lead to peace and will only claim more victims.

That is why they are now committed to convincing others to lay down their weapons as well. They do this for example by theatrical performances or protesting – but their activism is not always appreciated. For instance, their non-violent protests at the dividing wall on the West Bank causes an intense reaction from soldiers guarding the wall. But the Combatants for Peace remain steadfast: rockets and tanks will not bring peace, they say. Peaceful coexistence will only be achieved when the weapons are laid down.

Unfortunately Shifa al-Qudsi is not able to leave Palestine. Jamel Qassas, another well-known member of the Combatants for Peace will replace her. Read more about this A Matter of ACT activist here.

On the 28th of March at 21.30 Disturbing the Peace will be screened at het Nutshuis. Before this screening at 20.00 hrs Jamel Qassas and Assaf Yacobovitz will hold the Freedom Lecture at het Nutshuis. Tickets for the lecture (10,-) and combi tickets for the lecture and film (16,-) are for sale at the Nutshuis.

Text: Dirk van der Straaten


Stephen Apkon, Andrew Young
Country of production
United States
87 minutes
Spoken language
Arabic, English, Hebrew
Production company