Eddy’s oorlog

Joost van der Valk

The award-winning war photographer Eddy van Wessel has been capturing various wars and conflict zones on film for thirty years. Filmmaker Joost van der Valk follows him over four seasons in Ukraine. At the front line, Eddy documents the war, searching for that one image that encapsulates the entire conflict. 
For four seasons, Eddy van Wessel travels along the Ukrainian front lines. As the most acclaimed Dutch war photographer for three decades, he aims to capture the ultimate photo: the image that summarizes the entire conflict, making all the struggles, traumas, and setbacks he has endured worthwhile. 
Filmmaker, Emmy Award and BAFTA winner Joost van der Valk (Satudarah – One Blood) shadowed him during this final period, documenting how Van Wessel experiences and captures the war through encounters and interactions with Ukrainians. However, on the other side of the lens, you are not immune to the horrors of war. How do you function as a photographer in the surreal reality of war? 


Joost van der Valk
Frank van den Engel
Country of production
Netherlands, The
102 minutes
Spoken language
Dutch, English, Russian, Ukrainian
Production company
Zeppers Film & TV
World Sales
Journeyman Pictures
Dutch distributor
Herrie Film & TV