Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker, An

Danis Tanović

Poignant movie about a poor Roma family in a remote area of Bosnia and Herzegovina. When Senada has to undergo surgery, Nazif is unable to pay the hospital bill, triggering a race against the clock.

Nazif and Senada live in a dilapidated home together with their two daughters, somewhere in Bosnia. Nazif collects scrap metal from old cars to sell it. Senada does the housekeeping and takes care of their two young daughters. One day, a sharp pain in her stomach reveals that something is wrong with her unborn baby. She has to undergo immediate surgery, but Senada does not have medical insurance, and the operation costs about 500 euro. Nazif has only a few days to collect the money and save Senada's life, and as a race against the clock starts, despair sets in. Previous productions from director Danis Tanovic include No Man’s Land, for which he won an Oscar in 2001, and Cirkus Colombia, that was screened at the 2011 Movies that Mater Festival. Both films can be seen in the retrospective that the 2014 Movies that Matter Festival will devote to the work of Tanovic.


Danis Tanović
Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Italy, Slovenia
75 minutes
discrimination & racism, health, illness, addiction, medical ethics, minorities & indigenous peoples