El Equipo

Bernardo Ruiz

Fascinating documentary about the unlikely meeting of legendary forensic scientist Clyde Snow and a group of Argentinean students. Starting with the examination of the desaparecidos during Argentina’s dictatorship, they grow into a groundbreaking force in the global movement for truth and justice. Told almost entirely through beautiful and mindblowing archival footage. 
During the military dictatorship of Jorge Videla in Argentina (1976-1983), thousands of people ‘disappeared’. In 1984 the American Dr. Clyde Snow is called in to examine the remains of the victims, but he has trouble assembling a local team. When he comes into contact with a group of inexperienced Argentinean archaeology students, none of them have any idea of the huge and lasting impact their collaboration will have.  
After their dangerous but successful work in Argentina, the group expands its horizons. Everywhere in the world, forensic research has a vital role to play in establishing truth and justice. From Kurdistan to Haiti, and from Ethiopia to the horrific El Mozote massacre in El Salvador, they uncover what was meant to remain hidden. Despite the dangers and threats, they never compromise to the authorities that oppose them. And perhaps most importantly, they help the victims’ families find some closure  and maybe even peace.  


Bernardo Ruiz
Bernardo Ruiz, Gabriel Alcade, Fabian Caballero
Country of production
Argentina, Mexico, United States
80 minutes
Spoken language
English, Spanish
Production company
Quiet Pictures
World Sales
Quiet Pictures LLC