Escape From Pretoria

Francis Annan

1979. A group of political prisoners is plotting to escape a South African jail. Tim Jenkin (Daniel Radcliffe) and Stephen Lee (Daniel Webber) are imprisoned for producing anti-apartheid pamphlets. Together with fellow prisoner Alex they’ve come up with a plan to escape, but many obstacles arise. Nerve-racking real-life thriller.

When they are caught producing and distributing pamphlets of ‘banned organisations’, including the ANC, white anti-apartheid activists Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee receive year-long prison sentences. They are locked up in heavily guarded Pretoria Central Prison and almost immediately after they arrive, they begin plotting their escape. Under the wings of veteran activist Denis Goldberg the men conceive of a plan involving copies of prison keys made of wood. They find a partner in fellow-prisoner Alex Moumbaris and meticulously start preparing. Failure will be fatal, but there are plenty of barriers on the way out.

True story, based on Tim Jenkin’s book about the escape, Inside Out: Escape From Pretoria Prison. Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Tim Jenkins and Daniel Webber as Stephen Lee.


Francis Annan
Country of production
United Kingdom, Australia
105 minutes
Spoken language
World Sales
Arclight Films
Dutch distributor
Dutch FilmWorks